Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


I was hanging out with a friend drinking dark beer and eating chocolate dipped potato chips from Trader Joe’s.  I thought to myself I could make these chips but cheaper because the little bag was three dollars.  Once again I was hungry while grocery shopping and I splurged on a bag of Ruffles and Baker’s semi sweet bakers chocolate.  I did not want to spend the time of dipping each chip individually so I drizzled the gooey chocolate on the chips and sprinkled them with sea salt for an extra kick.

  1. Lay out potato chips on cookie sheet lined with wax paper
  2. Heat the chocolate via microwave or stove til soft
  3. Drizzle chocolate over chips and sprinkle sea salt
  4. Toss creation into fridge for a few hours for chocolate to harden
  5. Enjoy!

Time: Under 10 minutes

Cost: $7 for chips and chocolate

Yield: 3/4 family sized bag of chips




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