In hog heaven

ImageHunting has been a passion of mine for the past two years.  I thought hunters were an odd group of people who sat in trees and shot deer.  Now that I hunt I get where my fellow sportsman are coming from.  I got a chance last weekend to attend a wild pig field dressing class. I took the class with twenty four others and all were excited to get their hands dirty.  I took the class to get hands on experience of how to break down a wild pig after I dispatched it.  We broke down two pigs weighing around eighty to hundred pounds apiece.  We started with skinning a pig that was hanging snout up.  The pig was quickly skinned and gutted after we received instruction on how to operate skinning knives.  I got a chance to skin from the back down and my hands were covered with blood.  After we broke the pig down, we went to find the wild pig out in the brush to learn to field dress it.  Someone pointed out the dead black hairy sow in the manzanita bushes.  The instructor taught us how to hoist the pig up using a branch and gun sling.  We took it down and field dressed the sow amongst the brush.  The hardest part was to get the sow on her back and not to get dirt on the freshly cut hide.  The sow was broken down to hide and carcass and the hide was packed out by a boy scout in our group.  The whole class was such a great experience from dissection, shot placement, anatomy and I got to come home with a pound of wild pig flank and a pound of roast.  I got to see first-hand on how meat is processed which will affect my choices in the grocery store.  Stay tuned for recipes on how to cook these pieces of game meat.


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