Backdraft Pops



A phenomenon in which a fire that has consumed all available oxygen suddenly explodes when more oxygen is made available.

My dad gave me a tin of Tabasco chocolates to try out.  He said he got the chocolates at REI of all places.  When I ate the chocolates I didn’t think too much of them until the after taste kicked in and boy o’ boy what a scorcher.  I have always wanted to make cake pops like the ones at Starbucks.  I had an epiphany at that very moment of making chocolate cake pops with cayenne pepper.  I watched some Youtube videos which all had different instructions.  I cooked a sheet of brownies and scraped the pan when they were done.  I mixed in chocolate frosting  and half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper then pressed it in a cake pop form.  I rolled the cake pops in Milton’s candy melts and let the pops set in the fridge til hard.  These pops were a big hit with my family and close friends.  I have not rolled these out to my guinea pigs yet Muahhhaaa!