Dark and Stormy

I am not much of a mixed drink kinda guy, I prefer dark beer but I was hanging out with a friend a few nights ago and he suggested we make dark and stormies.  I picked up some dark rum, ginger beer, and limes which I later found out makes a party in your mouth!  We eyeballed the ratio so the drinks looked lighter than the pictures you will find on the internet.  I made a food blog no no and forgot to take a picture so I am providing a link to another site for the photo and recipe.  A dark and stormy has become one of my favorite mixed drinks because it has a sweet front note and spicy after taste.  I think this cocktail would make a great summer beverage just like my second favorite a mint julep..shhh I know they are kind of girly.

Dark and Stormy recipe

  • 5oz ginger beer
  • 2oz dark rum
  • ice in highball glass
  • sliced lime for garnish