The poor man’s hotdog


I am not even going to post the steps to make wild mustard because it was a disaster.  I am not putting blame on wild mustard; I am putting blame on myself for rushing the process and not researching enough. You can make mustard from the black mustard that grows wild but in the right season and only harvest the seeds which might be darn impossible. My whole plan for this post was a poor man’s hot dog therefore he would make his own mustard from what he has around him.  I have been reading up on foraging and thought this would be a good idea since we have a ton of this invasive species around us…thanks Father Junipero Serra.   The process and buying a few things was not worth it in time or money.  I could have bought a bottle of mustard for the same price or cheaper than the store brand of apple vinegar.  I thought about not posting this disaster because it was a failure but this blog is an adventure in cooking and failing is part of that.  I would not serve this veil concoction to my worst enemy.  I have had wheat grass a few times and it tastes like chocolate compared to this gruel.  It’s very rare that I get heart burn but this “mustard” did it instantly.  I promise I will have something edible on my next post so stay tuned.